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veronique crepy


veronique crepy


Youth Educator, 1987, School of Social Work, Marseille, France

Bachelor’s degree in social work, 1991, School of Social Work, Buc, Versailles, France

Private watercolors program, 1998, Belgium


Youth Educator working with physically and mentally handicapped children, children and teens of social difficulties and juvenile offenders, various institutions, south of France, 1983-1986. Very young, I learnt that most often the absence of listening and communication is the main source of broken relationships.

Youth Educator, managing a team of 6, helping resident children under psychoanalysis at “La Pouponiere Paul Manchon”, Chatenay Malabry, France, 1987-1990. During this assignment I had the chance to work directly with Francoise Dolto and to learn from her. Francoise Dolto was a French doctor and psychoanalyst who revolutionized the field of psycho-therapeutic work with babies and with the mother baby dyad.

Social Worker helping autistic children using art as a means of expression, Philippe Pinel Hospital, Amiens, France, 1992-1994. Establishing a relationship with autistic children thru painting helped to understand that there are many ways to express oneself.

Full time mother of 2 wonderful children, 1994 -2003 in France, Belgium and UK

Private art instructor (children and adults), Barcelona, Spain, 2004-2007

Private art instructor, Ramsey, New Jersey (current)